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Let us shake up conventional practices!

An observation

If the reputation of many real estate agents remains impaired, this is largely because their probity has been undermined by pursuing interests that are not always those of the customer you are advising…

At Chambard Real Estate, being fully focused on the mission entrusted to us by you, means we conduct ONLY "inter-agency" transactions. This ensures that the seller's and buyer's interests are both guaranteed by being systematically represented by two distinct agencies.

Our philosophy: the number of your representatives is not an assurance of their talent!

At Chambard Real Estate, we know that the multiplication of parties involved without of coordination and organisation dilutes the value of your project. Who has not seen cases where properties are proposed on the basis of incoherent descriptions or at different prices? What buyer has not been concerned that the selection of properties presented might involve a commercial arrangement benefiting the sales agent representing them? At Chambard Real Estate, assisting you in the process of selling your property means:
coordinating the communication and organising its presentation by granting the property agency agreement to the best partners operating in the market, by strictly overseeing the publication rights, presentation briefing, communications media to ensure the highest quality presentation.

At Chambard Real Estate, assisting you and executing your real estate project is giving you access to the largest possible market offering, presented by carefully selected and serious partners, with our remuneration derived solely from our services, based on the transaction terms of the acquisition.

A single player, 100% at your side

Because your real estate project calls for uncompromising attention, our full resources are put at your disposal! If you are looking for a partner fully committed to your success, Chambard proposes an exclusive estate agency agreement perfectly adapted to these objectives of efficiency, transparency and ethics;

Exclusivity because Chambard guarantees to represent exclusively your interest Specific as this agency agreement requires us to delegate and coordinate the sale to a significant number of partners selected to ensure full exposure to the entire market.

Exclusively yours chambard real estate

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